Collectif Culture Bar-Bars

Since 1999, Collectif Culture Bar-Bars has been gathering around 400 “concert cafes” in 60 different cities. The concert cafes function mainly as bars, but all of them are strongly dedicated to live music and organise hundreds of gigs per year, and for this reason, the bars are the grassroots of the live music sector and pose as the places where musicians usually play their first concerts. Grassroots claim to be considered as key actors when speaking of cultural diversity, talent development, economic and jobs growth, and local social cohesion. Every day, five cafés are closing in France and to prevent this from happening, Collectif Culture Bar-Bars has created a fund supporting artistic employment, amateur practices, nightlife issues, licenses, and they are in dialogue with domestic authorities, members of the parliament, local authorities and trade unions. Moreover, Collectif Culture Bar-Bars runs a festival, which is thrown every year in November, and nowadays, it is one of the major popular music events in France.