Live DMA and some of its members – ACCES, Court Circuit, Clubcircuit, Dansk Live, FEDELIMA and VNPF- were involved in a Leonardo da Vinci partnership, life long learning programme 2013-2015.

LIGHTHOUSES is a professional training programme. The targeted audiences are artistic professionals (in house promoters, artistic directors and communication managers).

This project aims to identify the skills and abilities needed in artistic professions on the european scale; through international workshops.

Partners organised 6 three-day training seminars on several topics linked with the needs of the professionals: artistic programmation, future prospective and scenario planning, brands and communication, ticketing systems and strategies, cocreation and users involvement, artistic status and contracts….

Most of the skills and abilities of the cultural actors still come from the “field”. Many professionals in the live music sector agree on the fact that one does not learn how to become a professional, but that one becomes a professional by learning his trade in the field. The purpose of LIGHTHOUSES is to focus on the skills and abilities needed by these professions. This work ends with the creation of a “quality label”.

The quality label aims to evaluate and recognise the skills and abilities needed to work as booker, artistic director, or communication manager in a live music venue or festival. The quality label is not an exhaustive document, it focuses on the informal learning based on ground experience, and reflects the professional habits from Lighthouses participants.

More information about the project on its dedicated website.

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)

Download (PDF, 2.4MB)