Internship offer – Project assistant “Live Style Europe”

From February to mid-July (5/6 months) – legal gratification – Nantes

Missions description

Main mission (in relation with the coordination manager)

Run Live DMA campaign for the European elections (May 2019). Collect and analyse candidate’s proposals, develop contacts with future MEPs, watch and report on EU policies and campaigns (elections, Brexit, future programmes…) to Live DMA members.

Secondary mission (in relation with the communication manager)

Produce flash-studies to create contents on our resource platform (online by mid-December) Collect and write short and dynamic reports on topics, identified as priority resource for our members (ex: sound levels regulation, licences, age-limit, average ticket price…) and followup the strategies on data collection and observation of the music sector in Europe.

Additional missions (in relation with both colleagues)

Support the coordination of the network Organise meetings and events (Member’s meetings and conferences) and learn how to use and coordinate the internal communication tools

Skills and opportunities

We are looking for someone in a Master Degree (Culture management, European affairs…) with good English skills, and self-reliant. This mission will help you to develop the following skills: get knowledge on EU institutions and European challenges for the music sector, improve professional English writing skills, communicate on political contents, learn how to manage different communication tools and software, how to coordinate a specific mission and associative activities, develop a large professional network.

Examples of professional opportunities: this internship will train you to become a project manager/coordinator, able to run a small/medium sized organisation, and/or to work in a professional organisation (federation, trade union, or regional network), civil societies or public institutions.


Please send your CV (in French or English) and a motivation letter in English to Audrey Guerre, before 6th January.

We will consider your wishes and ambitions to adjust the missions, if needed.

Internship offer Live DMA