What is this Toolbox?

This website is a toolbox collating the results of the Sound Management project. It will be used as a kit for good soundmanagement. It will have results of the work in our meetings, but also a growing list good and bad practices, campaigns and general information.

How to use this Toolbox?

Look below to find your type of organization or if you are an individual, your “role”. Behind every different icon is information that is suited to that specific organization.

This toolbox is a work in progress and will be updated whenever new information becomes available.


If you work for any of the below organizations, then follow the link to the page with information


If you are an individual, please choose from the categories below to find relevant information

  • Venues

    Prevention, regulations, training, awareness

  • Festivals

    Prevention, regulations, training, awareness

  • Management

    Regulations, consequences, risk inventory

  • Education

    For education of amateurs and professionals: prevention, awareness, training

  • Government

    Awareness, prevention, training, regulations

  • Suppliers

    Commercial (e.g. equipment) and non commercial (e.g. associations): earplugs, equipment, hearing tests, information, training, prevention