Officially named the most active culture venue in Lithuania, LOFTAS Art Factory was found in 2010. It is a well-known place of creative opportunities and events including gigs, fashion shows, seminars, conferences, design fairs, film screenings, festivals, exhibitions, art performances and even sporting activities. LOFTAS is popular for its professional music shows hosting worldwide known live bands & DJs. LOFTAS is a leading cultural and art center not only in Lithuania but the Baltic States too. It is visited by more than 80 000 people. Due to its location and versatility, LOFTAS can be a black cube today and Disneyland tomorrow, which makes it a place forever in motion, always changing and evolving. In the culture and art sector of Lithuanian, LOFTAS is recognized as an open, intensively working factory of creative industries. Today, the venue is functioning as an independent institution, whose activity is being observed and evaluated at European level.