Panels & Conferences

Live DMA regularly organises panels and participates at live music conferences. Since 2015, Live DMA organises every year the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro.

Upcoming panels & conferences

>> 31st of May, Primavera Pro, International Concert Venues Congress, Music is not noise, Barcelona

>> 6th of June, MIDEM, Music Cities: When Music Drives Economic Development, Cannes

>> 17th – 21st of June, International Conference for Metal Music Studies, Nantes

Past panels & conferences

  • Venues as Hubs for New European Talent, Liveurope, Europe Day, Brussels, May 2019

Video recording of the panel

  • Music Moves Europe – auch eine Chance für Clubs und Festivals?, Dialog Pop with LiveKomm, Alteglofsheim (Germany), April 2019
  • Live Music Venues as Hub for New Talent, Mil Lisbon, Lisbon, March 2019
  • Création d’indicateurs, collecte, partage, analyse de données et d’informations : comment les acteurs de terrain, les administrations publiques et les observatoires peuvent-ils mieux coopérer ?, Pop Mind, Rouen, March 2019
  • Boosting New European Talent on Live Music Scenes by 2021, ESNS, Groningen, January 2019

Audio recoding of the panel (FR)

  • NIGHTS Conference, Brussels, November 2018: Social innovations within music events // Nightlife from a European perspective // Pop goes politics // Night ambassador meeting

Notes on NIGHTS Conference 2018

Nightlife Manifesto – Nocturnal Cities Bogota

Report – Nocturnal Cities Bogota

  • European Mobility, Slash – European Music Incubator, Nantes, November 2018 
  • Lobbying with Industry Key Figures, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, September 2018
  • How to join the Open Club Day, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, September 2018
  • Music Moves Europe presentation, Raffut, Angoulem (France), July 2018
  • Music Moves Europe panel by Relais Culture Europe, Paris, June 2018
  • 4th edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2018: Clubbing in Europe – quo vadis? // Initiatives against sexual harassment in European music venues // Understanding grassroots venues // Music venues as hubs for social innovation

REPORT – International Concert Venues Congress 2018

  • Live Style Europe & The Survey presentations, Granada Experience (Spain), April 2018 
  • The importance of venues in the cultural fabric of a city, Mil Lisboa, April 2018
  • Live DMA presentation, Eurofonik, Nantes (France), March 2018
  • The Open Club Day – Grassroots venues take action, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2018
  • Audience diversity – Live Style Europe, Transmusicales, Rennes (France), December 2017 
  • Open Club Day goes Europe, Stadt nach Acht, Berlin, November 2017
  • The Survey Presentation, Stadt nach Acht, Berlin, November 2017
  • Was vom Wahltage übrig blieb, Most Wanted Music, Berlin, November 2017 
  • The tale of two cities, MaMA Festival, Paris, October 2017
  • European Agenda for Music, Reeperbahn Festival, September 2017
  • Live Style Europe presentation, Reeperbahn Festival, September 2017 
  • Live Style Europe presentation, Relais Culture Europe, Paris, September 2017
  • 3rd edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2017: Music Moves Europe // Music cities – London, Hamburg, Oslo, Barcelona // Live Style Europe launch // Hiring musicians – venues, manages, and artists share their issues // Sound regulations, safety & neighbor relations – music venues’ rights and duties
  • Live DMA presentation, Westway Lab, Porto (Portugal), April 2017
  • Contribuer à l’élaboration de la stratégie de l’Union Européenne à partir de 2020Pop Mind, Grenoble (France), March 2017
  • Different models of music venues in Europe, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2017
  • Where are the women in the live music industry?, ESNS, Groningen (Netherlands), January 2017

REPORT – Women in the live music industry

  • 2nd edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2016: Youth & Music practices // Pop goes politics // EE Music // Sustainable development for music venues and festivals // Workshop Amateur practices // Why every music city should have a Night Mayor? // Cities Conference – Paris, Glasgow, Barcelona, Amsterdam // Attitude is everything // The evolution of the bookers’ market in Europe // Survey presentation, strengths and issues of music venues in Europe // EU first steps towards a support strategy for the music sector

REPORT – International Concert Venues Congress 2016

  • 1st edition of the International Concert Venues Congress at Primavera Pro, Barcelona, June 2015: European concert venues : facts & figures // Austin, Groningen, London, Reykjavik, Barcelona – The cities of music // The present and future of concert venues – business models and management // Venues and their audiences – a geolocation relationship // Solima presentation 

Report – International Concert Venues Congress 2015

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