Music Moves Europe – Preparatory Action 2018

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Music Moves Europe (MME) is the overarching framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector.

Beyond the possibility to support platforms, networks and cooperation projects through the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020), the Commission, as a result of a dialogue with key music stakeholders to identify the main challenges facing the sector, is now implementing a Preparatory Action to develop and test different initiatives tailor-made to the specific needs of the music ecosystem.

1.5 million Euro for the MME Preparatory Action 2018

In the context of the EU budgetary procedure for 2018, the European Parliament secured a budget of 1.5 million Euro for a Preparatory Action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” with the aim to test suitable actions for more targeted EU funding for music post-2020.

The overall aim of this Preparatory Action is to support European diversity and talent, the competitiveness of the sector as well as increased access of citizens to music in all its variety.

The Preparatory Action has four specific objectives:

  1. to develop a better understanding of the market trends and to propose sustainable mechanisms on how to monitor them, as well as to identify funding needs of the music sector,
  2. to identify innovative and sustainable distribution models that would support European music diversity,
  3. to promote the cross-border mobility of artists through different cross-sectorial training schemes which are bridging industry silos and addressing the most relevant gaps in knowledge of the sector, and
  4. to develop a strategic approach for the promotion of European music on the international market.

The Preparatory Action is implemented through two calls for proposals and two calls for tenders:

+ info: Music Moves Europe

This article is classified in the following categories

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