Live DMA members are national or regional associations of music venues and/or festivals

Associated members are sharing Live DMA’s values and objectives but cannot be full members because:
– the network is new and does not have funds or legal status yet
– the venue is “isolated” in a small country or where there is no venues network yet.
An associated member will always have an aspiration to become a (full) member.

  • Meet the members twice

    Live DMA is a close relations network, it is important to get to know the fellows and see if your interest/issues match with the network aims.
    You do not need to meet all the members and we can arrange skype meetings with the board members.

  • Agree with Live DMA ethic charter

    You can download it here

  • Write down your motivations and fill in the application form

    You can download the application file here and you may have to provide supporting documents (statutes, activity report…)

  • Wait for approval

    The board members are voting for new memberships during monthly board meetings.
    Once integrated, the new member receives a proportional membership fee and can participate in the network’s activities.
    The board approval are check by all the members during the yearly General Assembly.